Summer will soon be here. Top plumbing money saving tips

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During the summer months your plumbing systems gets used more often than you may notice. using your garden hose, sprinklers and pool can become costly. Here are some useful tips to save you money and water.

WATER AT NIGHT -Water your garden between late evening and nine in the morning, this will reduce evaporation. Watering between noon and nine wastes more water and energy, also much of the water during this time evaporates before reaching the roots.

REPLACE SHOWER HEADS AND FAUCETS – By using low flow fixtures you will save money without it effecting your water pressure.

PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR HOLIDAY – For those lucky enough to be planning a holiday or even a weekend getaway, there is no doubt you have a long list of things to do before you pick up your case and set off into the sunshine. Its always best to make sure you turn off your thermostat before you set off for longer than two days.

RE-USE YOUR POOL WATER – When you have finished with your pool water, why not use it to water your grass and plants, this saves money on using extra water from taps or hosepipes. – we hope you have a lovely holiday

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